Killing time...

What are we supposed to do between now and when we become plant fertilizer?


If our fate is to ultimately be reduced to nothing more than fertilizer for plants, pushing up daisies, it is a meaningful question to find out what we should do in the time we have left on Earth.

It's important to pause and reflect on our actions and choices, yet we so often fail to take the time to do this.

Hell, most of us think more about what to do on the weekend than we do about how to make the most of our short lives left on this planet

No one should feel obligated to have a life defined by ambition and grandeur. Instead, we should strive for a simpler existence and lower our expectations of what greatness should look like. This doesn't mean we can't still have goals and dreams, but they can be more achievable and manageable.

When you anticipate failure in all that you do, you are free to pursue the activities that bring you joy, rather than those that you think may bring you a desired result that is not guaranteed.

Whilst I admire Tony Robbins and his positive outlook on life, but I’m uncertain if we can realize all our aspirations solely by buying his $29.99 books and trying to manifest our desires to the point of making a yoga teacher float 10 inches in the air.

No matter how much I doubt the success of my own work, I am still drawn to it, and every day I find myself looking forward to the opportunity to express my thoughts in words.

My interpretation of a vocation is something that you are so passionate about that you are willing to do it even when it brings you hardship.

If you discover a calling that is so important to you that you would be willing to give it your all, never let it go.

Finding something to occupy your time is crucial to maintain sanity. When work and other commitments are done, you need to find activities to fill the rest of the day.

It could be a perfect setting for a romantic encounter to begin. Perhaps you're at a cozy bar in the city, enjoying a slice of pizza, when you look up and see a stunning person also enjoying a slice of pizza. It could be the start of something special.

It's totally okay to meet someone special on a computer or phone, don't be too picky about it. Finding love can be difficult, so don't limit yourself.

I believe that the real test of a relationship is how long it lasts, not how it begins. While a captivating beginning can be exciting, it's the commitment to one another that makes a relationship last and truly romantic.

Loving someone is an incredibly profound and rewarding experience, but it can also be very challenging. Even someone as successful as Elon Musk, who has achieved incredible things like launching rockets into space, has had difficulty with relationships, going through three divorces, including two from the same person.

If you come across someone who is worth being in a relationship with, do your best to make it work –– do everything you can to make it work –– even when they annoy you to the point that you contemplate never dating again and living alone for the rest of your life on top of a mountain.

Next, it is essential to consider joy. Having a passion for something and a partner to share life with can be likened to having wings of wax, without the pleasure of being content and fulfilled.

I have difficulty finding contentment in my life. I have attempted to use religious beliefs to find joy, but the promises of eternal salvation are a long time away and not very relevant to the everyday - the average American has about 79 years they have to wait until punching that ticket. I have to find other ways to find happiness in the present.

This line is saying that while we are waiting in line, there are many different ways we can find peace and happiness. Coffee, music, reading, and food can all bring us comfort. Additionally, it suggests that drugs can be used to get closer to God, as the speaker has felt more connected in this way than in traditional religious settings.

The chill in the air and the stars above have me taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of the night. I am accompanied by a 65 pound bundle of joy, an attractive black and white terrier called June. I stand barefoot on the back porch, and tell her to go relieve herself, and to leave the rabbits alone. I take the time to admire the magnificent night sky, feeling the transition from fall to winter.

London, New York, and Nashville are all places that come to mind when I think of home, but the one place that will always hold a special place in my heart is my parents' house in Newburgh, Indiana. Additionally, I have a group of friends, Jack, Trey, Conner, Ian, Jeremy, Robert, Taylor, Brian, Robbie, and John, that I spend a lot of my free time with, especially when I'm with the woman I love.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that if all of us are inevitably going to reach the end of our lives and pass away, then we should make the most of the time we have now and enjoy every moment.

Even if we make a complete shit show of this, we’ll still come out looking like a bouquet of roses for someone to take advantage of –– and that's not a bad outcome.

Pay homage to someone special by leaving behind a bouquet of flowers.

All you are required to give us is a couple of daisies.



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